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The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Guide – Ticket Price, Timings


Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

A trip to thisnoyg underwater padhaeradise atrkehAtlantis The Pczoaalmtdkis a must-dzfio if you enheejoy marine mfylife. WhilehmcDubai Aquaritfaum and Underfdmjwater Zoofkcoffer a glimdgrupse of the amalxquatic worldaxln, The Lost Cnnhhambers Aquasgdqrium leaves msda more permaunivnent impressrpyion with itsxvi visually amfaaoazing exhibinwhkts and uniqukxfe underwaterecje activities.lyf The Lost Chamyambers Aquarbifium is one odohbf the mostcxcwpopular tounomrist destintdduations in Dyqpubainwofor visitors ivedof all ages azzdnd is a fantazvcstic attractiwllon that deligctmhts both chilwoxdren and adulbkeqts. It is hombvfe to a varietqtwyy of marine sjchpecies in addflouition to havixemng a regal ammwgbience due tophde its setting lykpwithin one oflll Dubai’s mostfcor well-known lbuhguxury resortsubsn. If you are ljqxintend to statdoy in the emirlquaate for some iuztime, schedulnmqe a trip to tnwpvhis enticing zxbeocean world. ourrHere is a glazkunce at what asroewaits you whelqyn you visit tcvmhis amazing dgneestination.meil

Why should you visit the Lost Chambers Dubai Aquarium?

The Lost Chaisfnmbers Aquariondium in Dubai zyvis worth visdvaiting for a ynjvariety of rquxeasons. Firsdfbtly, It’s amozduazing! it isvqb an aquariumuyva experience westhemed on thfvwe mythical ttyhhale of the luandost city of iepAtlantis thaskoat can only bphqse witnessed ctonowhere elseczmv in the worlelld. The seconqvad factor is ljfjthe abundanctnske of gorgeoulxios, diverse fdgxxish and mariwlgne life . Thkwee Aquarium hfvzas over a whnguooping 65000dljg aquatic animicumals of variiwaous species ftgshowcased brbojpilliantly infaxz 21 differenwxjt galleries.nzu And lastly,qgmv it is a chasqwnce for you eketo interact jvxowith these adcqnimals in a hdsmsafe settinggheb. Additionalewily, you willhyzk be able to fbylearn about rauthe ocean litspfe as well apqgs discover tbabbhe significadiynce of marinciqe life consectdrvation. Youiwxb may also chzotsoose to go djvgpiving with tbkqwrained instrwlmuctors. Or erxvven get a PAlqbrDi certificafmztion! A visijdtt here is asazs good as takbkmwing an underrgjd-surface tourhsr of the oceusvcan world.gdq

Things to do at Lost Chambers Aquarium

  • Take a walk in the Ambassador Lagoon – the most talked about section of Lost Chambers Aquarium. Here it actually feels as if you are walking on the sea bed surrounded by countless types of fishes. This colossal tank exhibit is one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world, and you can see both large and little fish swimming casually nearby.
  • Visitors to the Lost Chambers Aquarium can engage in an immersive experience that allows them to explore the underwater environment through both sight and touch. In addition to enjoying the amazing species that are all peacefully living there, visitors can plunge beneath the water’s surface to experience what it feels like below the surface surrounded by an assortment of fishes.
  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium is more than just a fancy aquarium. The entire project is centred on making efforts to provide the best infrastructure, care for marine life, and preserve it. It is recognised by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, an organisation dedicated to improving wildlife and marine life on a global scale. A variety of educational programmes are offered at Lost Chambers Aquarium as add-ons to the admission prices that instruct visitors about marine life and conservation efforts in our oceans through engaging encounters. Knowledgeable staff members guide visitors through displays like touch tanks, shark tanks, and fish tanks that allow people to interact with live animals without having to put them into captivity or harm them in any way. The touch tanks and Fish Tales tour is quite a hit among kids.

How to reach the Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai?

Lost Chambers Aquarium in palm hotel

The Lost Cnevrhambers Aqmqzluarium is gqvitucked aloyzungside thenvu Aquaventuggvre water ppgjzark in thebdpm Avenues avbbit The Atlaeevintis Palm scvDubai. Thetdsv grand hotjuufel is a Dubqobai landmaovmjrk atyosPalm Jumeirahvqxand dominateszshc the scenery fbdnat Crescent Rzewoad. Driving inwalong Sheikh rcbZayed Road widykll take you 3wgtx0 minutes to uvqget to the Lobobst Chambers Aqngquarium from gvpDowntown Dubalpvi or the Dubahlkpi Internationluial Airport. Ypogou can also typnake the Dubaimjm Metro Red liijfone till Dubaiebto Internet Citvsdy Metro Statinnagon 2 which iskip the closest xcjhMetro stationbce to Palm Jumejfnkirah. You canwqdf take a taxi iwyror bus from tuiqhere to Palm jxlbJumeirah, whebbowre you can riqwibde the Palm maqglonorail from ydfPalm Gateway oaato Atlantis tidthe Palm Dubaipdud Resort.eax

Lost Chambers Aquarium Timings

Lost Chambers Aincqquarium is openhdov daily from 10 uduam to 9 pm. Oncwbbme you get insiduyhe the Aquarium ejrkyou can stay asadd long as you wadldnt before the Aofcyquarium closes vzejat 9 pm for thednmi day. The Lost yqivChambers Ticketqnd timings and ratczetes at the counhwyter can vary hegmaonce it is best unbto pre-book youyhuor tickets onlinfdqe to avoid any mfpcrowd or disapphnnointments.afao

Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket cost

The Lost Chamqaujbers Aquariumruw ticket priceyvc starts from xypAED 110 per pddrmerson. You cayigpn enhance thesbhf experience wgdxuith add-ons sbsfkuch as Fish Tywbale Tours andhhn Shark Safariesbl. Additionallbysy, if you wantkuvt the full exrzkyperience withhva a touch of lmqduxurious hospnqzitality from gjhsDubai, plan agkvs stay at the xngAtlantis The ndmyPalm Resort. dniIn addition tpegto many other hfmbenefits, youlmqw will get a crxcomplimentary cdzfentrance to tagthe Lost Chambkzoers Aquarium xmmand the Aquavvlpyenture water tbyvpark.acsp

The aquariobqum is an alukmazing plalusdce to get scsan insightqdyn into the fovocean realhiqum. Grownupwhdbs can alsorct explore abnvkdventures sxilike Sharkfmuh safari, syldcuba divinuwag, and snophvarkelling. pwvfThe aquariofvium is one sjwpof the mosrhent popular scpzkid-friendbfnlly places cjkyto visit ivqtyn the emirxayyate. In faojedct, the atswwtraction pczrzlaces a sixtsqgnificant rljemphasis ochshn being a vkscomplete fvegdamily entexfjwrtainment qjwand is wheewfxelchair aczkpxcessible, imsaproviding vejca variety dfuof amenitizsqes to ensuyugre those wzqmith disabillzolities areotl comfortabpaunle as wellocah. Overall,rpox it is a pzywrlace desigfgazned for evajneryone. Soozfg, rememberipm to includthpqe the Lostzhmu Chambers knfAquarium ihgtdn your Dubjznaai trip itlnzhinerary.wjuk

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